• Published On: 12. March 2023Categories: NotesTags: ,

    It would make a killer portable desktop if they can make the resolution good enough and the headset light enough (rumours of external batteries are interesting). BYOKM, and you have a 50" screen in front of your mac where you are. With AR, you can easily still connect with your environment. That's what I think Apple's end game is.

  • Published On: 18. February 2023Categories: Notes

    I've been looking into Safari Tabgroups after watching MacSparky's thoughts on them. I'm sure I will mess this up all the time, but with SF Symbols, it looks pretty organised.  

  • Published On: 3. February 2023Categories: Notes

    One of my favourite podcasts just posted its last episode. I'll miss the talks, but fortunately, there is a great back catalogue that I highly recommend looking into.