• Published On: 12. March 2023Categories: NotesTags: ,

    It would make a killer portable desktop if they can make the resolution good enough and the headset light enough (rumours of external batteries are interesting). BYOKM, and you have a 50" screen in front of your mac where you are. With AR, you can easily still connect with your environment. That's what I think Apple's end game is.

  • Published On: 18. February 2023Categories: Notes

    I've been looking into Safari Tabgroups after watching MacSparky's thoughts on them. I'm sure I will mess this up all the time, but with SF Symbols, it looks pretty organised.  

  • Published On: 4. February 2023Categories: PersonalTags:

    I've been active on Twitter for just shy of fifteen years. I've always loved the feeling of information and debate flowing freely between people worldwide. In the last couple of months, something started to feel different for me.

  • Published On: 3. February 2023Categories: Notes

    One of my favourite podcasts just posted its last episode. I'll miss the talks, but fortunately, there is a great back catalogue that I highly recommend looking into.

  • Published On: 1. February 2023Categories: ProductivityTags: , ,

    I want my home and my computer to know what I want, to guess what I need and to clear distractions before they hit me. I want all that without loosing ability to quickly change focus or to wander off on a tangent at any time without my smarthome loosing a beat.